MS Office is a suite of eleven applications used worldwide but the most popular products used are Word for documentation, Excel for calculations while PowerPoint is for presentations. The other applications are also used to automate manual office work. They serve a specific purpose or knowledge and offer specific services for users. Outlook helps to manage calendars and emails, Access for databases and Publisher for card designing. MS Office support  is simple to work with making your work easy and more efficient.

MS Office support


MS Office support has several versions targeting computing environmentalists and end users. The original version is the desktop version used for PCs that run on Windows and MAC operating system. MS Office 2019 is the latest desktop version that was released in September 2018. The recent development of MS Office support is Office Mobile for mobile devices that are free versions of Office apps. Office Online is another web based version of Microsoft account for core Office apps.

Elements of MS Office Word

The most commonly used word processing app as regards MS Office support is MS Word that is being used both on personal and professional level. It is full of features for writing & editing text documents. It includes tools allowing multiple users to share information and edit them in collaboration. Microsoft Word has several features like MS Office support

  • Ribbon – The ribbon is a toolbar with multiple tabs on the top of the screen. With the help of the ribbon you can change the page format and font of the text. Besides this there are many other functions that can be done by display tabs like Home, Page Layout, Insert, References, Mailing, Review and View all found on the top of the page.
  • Quick Access Toolbar – The quick access toolbar is an on screen element located on the top of the screen. The functions in the quick access toolbar are used on a regular basis like saving a document or starting a new one.
  • Work Area – The work area is nothing but the on screen page of the document where you can create a document by typing words. Other elements like clip art, photos or bullets can be inserted in the document. Formatting the text or making changes to it is also possible in the work area.
  • Dialog Box Launcher – You can customize a document with the element dialog box launcher. There are small buttons on the lower right hand corner of several tabs. By clicking on these buttons you will be able to access several options on each tab
  • Alphabetical Order – MS Word lets you sort out dates, numbers, text and tables in an alphabetic order. For this data has to be in numbers or bullets in a single level as it is difficult to sort out multilevel lists. Even columns that contain dates, numbers or text can be sorted out. For sorting data in a list or in a table several steps have to be followed.

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Essential Components of Microsoft Office
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